What is the first thing I need to do?

Register with NCAA Eligibility Center at

Who can view my profile?

All college coaches can view full athlete profiles. Athletes can view other athletes’ basic profile.

Will this site help me get recruited?

Yes, CREW is designed as an all-in- one stop for recruiters. With our advanced searching technology, college recruiters will be searching for you!

What if I see a coach at a meet?

If you try to initiate contact in person, do not be offended when college coaches quickly end the conversation. Face-to-face contact in the site of organized competition is NOT allowed. You as a prospective student athlete may initiate a simple greeting. (NCAA bylaw 13.02.4)

When can I start calling college coaches?

A prospective student athlete may call or email a college staff member at any time at any age. A college staff member is NOT allowed to initiate conversation to a prospective student athlete until after July 1 of his or her start of junior year.
(NCAA bylaw

What is an Unofficial Visit?

An Unofficial Visit is a non-paid visit. The prospective student athlete may visit an unlimited amount of schools as many times as they please, on his or her own expense. You are able to make unofficial visits prior to your senior year in high school.
(NCAA bylaw 13.7-13.7.1)

What is an Official Visit?

An Official Visit is when the prospective student athlete is brought out to a campus visit fully financed by the University.
(NCAA bylaw 13.7.2)

How will CREW benefit me?

College coaches are bombarded with emails daily. Using CREW, college coaches can actively search athletes by name, skills, skill value, score and graduation year. Populate your profile with this information and they will be searching for YOU!

What is private?

Everything is private.